About universify

amplify your brand

clarify your strategy

diversify your reach

quantify the difference

No two brands are the same, and no two strategies for global expansion should be either. universify is a global business development and strategic branding organization that addresses expansion in a completely different way. universify offers you access to best-in-class retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution and marketing partners in over 150 countries, providing thoughtful, customized solutions based upon an "ownership" mentality.

The universify approach

The universify approach is based upon the collective expertise and relationships of a team of top-notch fashion and branding executives who have strategically built brands around the world. Our approach is systematic, comprehensive and professional.


We begin by understanding what the opportunities are for your brand around the world.


We develop coordinated advice, strategies and service customized to your assets based on long and short term goals. Because we are involved with our clients from start to finish every step of the way, gone are the miscommunications and conflicts inevitably resulting from multiple service providers and one-off agreements.


Our relationships are based upon mutual respect and trust. We believe that integrity is not only good karma but good business. By introduction to our network, we are positioning your brand with a global expansion team ready to support and service your development for years to come.


Our goal is to increase revenue and brand equity so that you enjoy years of profitability and growth.